Why do we do this?

We believe local crafts could solve our existing modern problems.

We Do Care.

It is nothing new that a lot of industries based on our local traditional craftsmanship are fading and losing relevance in the/our modern world due to our modern behaviour.

They have loss their identities However, they are also very important as the present of a city is hugely shaped from its past, culture and heritage.

We Do Care.

Is there a way for us to evolve and grow with these crafts?

HKCRAFTS seeks to understand potential adaption of these crafts in our modern world and give new meanings to them by collaborating with contemporary artists.

How are we doing it?

  • Due to our modern behaviour and industrialisation, many industries that rely on local traditional craftsmanship are losing relevance and gradually disappearing from modern society.
  • With the success of our previous non-profit neon art exhibition, “MY LIGHT, MY HOOD”, and “Classic Craft, Modern meaning” HKCRAFTS continues our study on different ways to create new meanings for local crafts using contemporary art.
  • Through our programmes, we aim to evolve and transform these fading crafts into timeless artistry that will continue to sustain in the future.

The social problems we aim to solve:

  • We believe our local crafts and our tailored programmes can solve the social problems of frustration and confusion in an identity crisis, as a meditative journey freed from the mental and health issues raised from our fast-paced and technology overload world, with carefully selected crafts with sustainable materials from the production process as a solution to the production waste created from industrialisation and globalisation.

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