[Private] Sustainability x Candle Holder Workshop


Through this workshop, you can learn a different skill in transforming your used beverage bottles into a beautiful and meaningful daily lighting object!

*A minimum of 2 pax per workshop



Our workshop is based on Glow Green, a sustainable x light art sculpture that CeeKayEllo (CKL) designed for Kerry Centre. Our mission and goal is to give second or even third life to used and unwanted wastes.

We invite artists to conduct the recycled bottles candle holder workshops to the general public. Our artists could help participants in realising their thoughts into drawings, and also inspiring them with their artisanal craftsmanship.

Through this private workshop, you can learn a different skill in transforming your used item into a beautiful and meaningful daily object!

Rundown of recycled bottle candle holder workshop

1/ Introduction plastic waste consumption in Hong Kong
2/ Introduction of the making of the sculpture
3/ A walkthrough on design and making process
4/ Drafting
5/ Making!

Total duration: 45-60 mins
Participants: 4 to 12 pax (For 8 years old or above only)
Participant fee: HK$350
Details: Please bring along your own used beverage bottles, recommended size of 750mL to 2000mL
Please pick “Local pick up” for the shipping fee. We will email you the workshop venue once payment has been received.


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