[Private] Birdcage Making Photo Frame Workshop


Through our private workshops, you could explore and transform birdcage-making skills into your own unique art piece!
*A minimum of 4 pax per workshop



Our workshop is based on a local crafts exhibition “Classic Craft, Modern Meaning” that CeeKayEllo (CKL) organised and curated from April to June 2020. 

It was a collaboration between Hong Kong contemporary artists with the last birdcage master in Hong Kong.

We invited GoHung, a local artist who has learnt the precious birdcage-making skills from the birdcage master, to transform such treasured skills to the general public. He has transformed this unique birdcage-making element into a handmade bamboo photo frame that can easily assemble.

Through the private workshop, our artists could help you in realising your thoughts into drawings, and also offer you new insights into our traditional crafts!

Through our private workshops, you could explore and transform local crafts into your own unique art piece! 

Rundown of birdcage photo/art frame workshop

1/ Introduction of birdcage making (with video documentary)
2/ Introduction of 1 to 2 artworks in the exhibition
3/ A walkthrough on the design and making process
4/ Drafting
5/ Making!

Total duration: 75-120 mins
Participants: 4 to 6 pax (For 12 years old or above only)
Participant fee: HK$500
Details: Please pick “Local pick up” for the shipping fee. We will email you the workshop venue once payment has been received.


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