Upcycled plantable seed red pocket workshop

In November, we organised our first upcycled red pockets workshop, with amazing Xuan paper artist Tung Tung from the studio Lomfafair in San Po Kong.

Making Xuan paper is a traditional handicraft in China. One of the numerous steps of the Xuan paper making process is to create waves in the bucket of water and paper pulps. In Cantonese the word “waves” sounds like Lomfa, the name of the studio.

Xuan Paper is known for its strong, smooth surface, its ability to absorb water and moisten ink, and fold repeatedly without breaking.

UNESCO – Intangible Heritage

For this workshop, we asked the participants to come with their used red pockets from previous years. We focused on using non-generic red pockets, the ones with particular Chinese Zodiac animals (that could only be used once every 12 years!).

Xuan paper artist Tung Tung taught the participants how to turn their used red pockets into plantable seed pockets. Therefore, recipients of these new upcycled red pockets can plant them into the soil and give the pockets beautiful second lives as a gift back to our dear Mother Nature.

It was a friendlycrafty and meaningful moment for all of us!

The proceeds will go to Nesbitt Centre‘s adult and children with learning disabilities.

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