LED Neon Light x Food Design

In July, we introduced a series of workshops at Gingko House that marries the craft of neon light with the art of fermentation! We believe that both are art forms that promote the concept of preservation, whether it’s a piece of history or undervalued food sources.

The project was supported by Amit Oz of Conspiracy Chocolate and Charmaine Lau, a food scientist, chef and special project manager for several restaurants in Hong Kong.

During these 2.5-hour workshops, the participants discovered techniques to create their own neon light piece and how to make personalized jar of pickled food.

Our LED neon light workshops respect the design and making process of traditional glass neon light, using contemporary LED neon lights in a safe and contemporary way whilst lifting your living space

proceeds to our food designers who assisted in the workshops.

proceeds to Gingko House community workshop

11 %
proceeds to our logistics and material cost.

agreed that they are happy with the work they created and are satisfied with the workshop.

agreed that the instructors have been clear and helpful.

felt that the collaboration between neon making and food design is inspiring and interesting.

Community Workshop with Gingko House

Gingko House is a privately held social enterprise focusing on senior employment in the food and beverage industry We would like to thank you for their support in realising this workshop.

We would like to warmly thank our food designers Amit Oz and Charmaine Lau, our Neon artist Karen Chan, and our photographer Cherie Lee.

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