Birdcage Making x Floral Design Workshop

In October, we organised a series of workshops that gathers the craft of birdcage making with the art of floral design! We had such a great time!

We invited GoHung, a local artist who learnt the precious birdcage-making skills from the birdcage master. He taught the participants how to create a handmade bamboo photo frame thanks to the birdcage-making skills.

The participants also had the pleasure to meet Julia, a local floral designer from Kew Garden Flowers. During the workshop, she explained how to use modern floral arrangement to decorate the photo frame and turn it into a unique piece of art!

During these 3-hour workshops, the participants discovered birdmaking as well as floral design techniques.

With the help of the artists, the participants managed to transform their creativity into fantastic pieces of art, but they also got a glimpse of the traditional crafts.

We would also like to thank GoHung, Anton Poon, Ryan Siu and Katrina Leung for helping us to prepare the materials for our participants 🙂

proceeds to the artist and floral designer

proceeds to our logistics and material cost.

proceeds to the pro-bono community workshop


– 筆名 Any

“Patience and mindful dedication are essential to overcome everything;
and every surprise comes from a different shape.

The most profound experience I have gained
from this birdcage making x floral design workshop is
learning to appreciate what I have learned within my ability,
and embrace the beautiful results from happy accidents.”

– Pen name Any

strongly agreed that they are happy with the work they created and are satisfied with the workshop.

strongly agreed that the instructors have been clear and helpful.

deeply felt that the collaboration between birdcage making and floral design is inspiring and interesting.

Community Workshop with Teen’s Key’s girls

Teen’s Key is a non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable young women and girls in Hong Kong. They work for and with any marginalized young women and girls.

We would like to warmly thank Ryan from Make It Work Studio and Julia floral artist from Kew Garden Flowers and our photographer Jimmy Leung.

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