LED Neon Light x Feng Shui Workshop

Renowned Feng Shui designer Thierry Chow kickstarted our series of neon light workshops!

Our 2-hours crafty evening intertwined with birth chart reading and useful tips on how to incorporate elements, colours and patterns into your every day for an extra bump of cosmic magic with LED neon light✨

With the launch of this workshop, we are proud of the small but impactful footprints we have left in the community.

A few of our milestones:
✨ Supported local designer (Thierry Chow) and artists through our collaborative crafts and design workshops
✨ Funded a community workshop for the Society of Community Organisation (SoCO) with 53% of our profit
✨ Began our fundraising process for the HKCRAFTS Festival 2023

proceeds to
local designer (Thierry Chow) and artists who assisted in the workshops.

proceeds to
SoCO community workshop for the underprivileged community in Shum Shui Po.

27 %
proceeds to the inaugural of our
HKCRAFTS Festival in 2023.

1. Introduction of neon sign design and making, and Feng Shui philosophy
2. Birth Chart reading with Thierry
3. Design a decorative neon piece according to the participants’ elements!
4. Making!

agreed that they are
happy with the work they created and are satisfied with the workshop.

of them agreed that the workshop allowed them to
understand more about Hong Kong history and culture through neon making and Feng Shui.

felt the
crafting process has been meditative or soothing.

Community workshop with SoCO

With the support of the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO), we have organised a pro-bono community workshop for the underprivileged community in Shum Shui Po.

We are very delighted to see how we brought light to the participants’ daily lives and faces, and received enquiries on more crafts workshops to the community centre 🙂 

Thank you to Alizee, our volunteer photographer for documenting the workshop for us 🙂

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